Load Up on Vitamin C with Jugo Juice's Cali Crush

>> Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I can’t believe how many times our family has gotten sick so far this winter. It all roots back to my kid starting daycare and things have never been the same. It’s amazing how often they can catch a cold at that place! I can’t even remember the last time I was sick let alone sick more than once during the winter season. So as you can imagine, we’ve been downing orange juice and vitamin C like crazy in the hopes that we could prevent the next impending cold.

Luckily for me, I found an alternative to having just plain ol orange juice. Jugo Juice recently just released a new smoothie called the Cali Crush. Made with a combination of grapefruit, oranges, lemons and flavoured with a hint of strawberries and cooling cucumber. I was surprised how well the blend came together. Its very easy to make a drink too sweet with that combination but I thought the Cali Crush had a nice balance between sweet and sour to make it all come together. Plus with 349% of your daily vitamin C, what better way to make sure you’re fighting off your colds in a delicious way!

For those that are also looking for something savoury and healthy to go along with their smoothies, Jugo Juice is not offering Avocado Toasts. I personally love avocado toasts, there’s something so wonderful about the butteriness of smash avocados on crunchy toasted bread. It sounds so simple yet it packs a powerful punch of flavour. Not to mention that Jugo Juice also adds on toppings such as Chipotle Corn and Black Beans, Sriracha Honey Hemp Hearts or Olive Tapenade with Fresh Basil to kick it up another notch. It was hard to choose my favorite of the three, but I did enjoy the sweet and spicy combo from the honey sriracha. If you’re not certain that you want to stick to those, you can also create your own with a selection of toppings that they have beyond what I’ve listed above.

If you’re grabbing something on the go, they’re also still serving their Cranberry Chia Pudding, which is perfect for breakfast for even a hearty snack. I love that they use coconut milk as a base and topped the pudding with crunch terra bread granola and a berry compote.

I’m really hoping that they decide to keep these items on their menu for the long haul because as with all their limited time smoothie flavours it’s only supposed to be around for a while. However, I was told that it’ll be here till at least March, thank goodness because I know I’ll probably be needing a couple more shots of them before the cold season ends this year!


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