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>> Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hello 2018. You came a lot quicker than I anticipated but I feel like this happens every year. January comes and I’m floored that it’s a new year. There’s going to be quite a lot of changes coming in 2018 and we’re excited. However, we have a couple people that we know moving away and we’re sad to see them go. With that we needed a place to celebrate their last days in town and I was surprised that there were so many great news choices that happened to have popped up in 2017. One of those places is Donna Mac, offering up amazing gluten free and vegan options that don’t taste like what you think! I was lucky enough to have a chance to sample some of those dishes and I was blown away.

Atmosphere: Large open concept dining room with a beautiful interior that feels airy and bright.

Price Range: Mid $10s - $30+

Food & Wine: What a way to kick off the night. The Fingerling Potatoes, one of my favorite dishes of the night or ever! The standout was definitely due to the use of porcini mayo. The earthiness of the mushrooms coupled with the sea lettuce, potatoes and topped with more king oyster mushrooms was a winner. I am still talking about this dish, so I really hope they don’t ever remove it from the menu!

Next was the Scallop Tartare with kholrabi, cucumber, herbs, horseradish and poppy seed. It was a nice contrast to the potatoes since it was a bit lighter and refreshing. I enjoyed the use of the cucumbers and kohlrabi to give it a bit more texture since scallops themselves could be mushy to some.

Last of the small share plates we tried was the Grilled Endive served over a buttermilk soubise topped with trout roe and dill. It bitterness (which I enjoy) coupled was mellowed by the buttermilk and use of dill. I liked how the endives themselves were charred adding that smokiness that elevated the flavours.

With a brief pause to catch our breaths we then moved on to the main dishes of the evening starting with the Duck Breast, perfectly seared with red kuri squash, pears and chili. Everybody around the table was quite impressed with the succulent cook on the duck itself and the flavours melded perfectly with the accompaniments.

The Short Rib was the quintessential comfort dish that night. Served with jalapeno and cheddar potatoes, it was melt in your mouth tender. The use of cheddar in the potatoes, which were amazing smooth, did not compete with the short ribs but rather made it even more decadent. I could see myself eating this all winter long.

For those that want something delicious but without protein, the Wild Mushroom Risotto would be a good option. The risotto itself is creamy and rich, so you would feel the need for added protein. Plus, its topped with lots of radicchio and apples to provide some texture and crunch. I thought it would even be enjoyable as an addition to other dishes on the menu.

Our last main dish was the Pork Belly and its unlike any other pork belly dish I’ve had in the past. This one is served with sake steamed clams, seaweed salad with fermented rice in a lovely flavourful broth. Pork belly and broth you say? Yes! And it works! The fusion of Asian flavours is amazing and really makes you wanting more. Another standout dish!

To end the evening, we were served two desserts, a take on the smore and a play on a pumpkin pie. Both were not overly sweet and for those that are gluten free, the smore is made with an in house rice paper that emulates the cracker! It was a nice way to wind down our sumptuous meal.

My Picks: Fingerling Potatoes, Pork Belly

Overall: Even if you’re not vegan or gluten free, you’d still enjoy the tasty cuisine offered at Donna Mac. They have something for everybody on their menu. Maybe some of their comfort dishes can help you forget the cold outside and focus on all the great new things 2018 will bring!

They also have an amazing selection of cocktails ranging from delectable before dinner selections such as DMGT (Donna Mac Gin and Tonic) to after dinner selections such as For the Kids made with henessey, yellow chartreuse and st. Germain. Don't be afraid to be adventurous!

Donna Mac
1002 9 Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 719-3622

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