Moxie's Downtown Grand Reopening!

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It seems like we are in full on autumn mode here in Calgary. The weather has significantly cooled down and the sun it starting to set earlier and earlier. I feel like all I want to do is hang around indoors. Gone are the patio days and runs in the park. Luckily for me there are lots of great places in Calgary for indoor activities and food. Such as the new Moxie’s that recently went through a full renovation of their space! I was shocked by how different it looks when I was invited down to check them out!

Atmosphere: Bright, vibrant and contemporary. Definitely not the Moxie’s of old!

Food & Drinks: After a quick look through their menu you can definitely see that they’ve even changed up a lot of their offerings. With Chef Brandon Thordarson revamping essentially every item on their menu you can be sure that what you were used to here at Moxie’s has been given a significant face lift. We couldn’t wait to dig in.

Normally I would totally start with a drink (or two), however I was drawn to their housemade sodas so we decided to or both the Pineapple Lemon and Pomegranate Beet Sodas. I’m glad we did. They were both light and refreshing, not overly sweet, a perfect way to get the taste buds going.

To start we ordered the Tuna Poke in a Jar which came with nori crisps and a zingy ponzu sauce for extra punch. I really loved the nori crisps which provided a nice crunch and great umami flavor. The ponzu sauce on the side definitely added that additional flavor with the green onions and a bit of spice. The poke itself was creamy, with the added avocado, and I really enjoyed how this dish all came together with each of the elements adding something unique to the dish.

Along with the poke we also had the Biryani Chicken Wings, which was a suggestion from our server and I’m glad that he did. They had a good amount of spice and are a bit spicy. I thought they were a nice alternative for those who like dry wings, since the default is typically your usual salt and pepper (they offer those too!).

For our mains, my husband order the Loaded Burger, which true to its name….was loaded with everything! After a couple bites, he mentioned that the sweetness in the BBQ sauce nicely balanced out the salt from the bacon. He’s not huge in to sweet and salty, but this worked for him. I am still amazed that he was able to power down the whole thing because it was definitely a good-sized burger.

I had the Fish Tacos and was surprised to find that they grilled the haddock which was a nice healthier alternative. A lot of restaurants typically deep fry the fish but I enjoyed it grilled. There was two to an order and they were served with a housemade hot sauce on the side. I thought the addition of the corn and bean salsa was a nice addition and went well with the rest of the ingredients. Both of the mains came with sides as well, so I’m glad to report that I definitely got my fill of greens that day since we ordered side salads!

Even though we were beyond full by this point, it was hard to pass up on dessert with Sticky Toffee Pudding and ice cream on the menu. It’s nice that they offer mini versions for those who just want a taster, but I usually go full throttle. The soft warm gooey cake with toffee sauce is perfect for the this fall weather.

My Picks: Tuna Poke, Biryani Chicken Wings

Overall: My surprise continued throughout the meal. One dish after another, they were tasty and delicious and not the old Moxie’s I remember from high school. I’m glad to see that not only have they revamped their design but also their flavours and I’m hoping for more! Chef Brandon has done a great job so far and hopefully he’ll start introducing some new exciting things soon because with the weather the way it is outside, what’s better than getting cozy indoors and enjoying a delicious meal in an amazing space?

Moxie’s Downtown
888 7 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 234-7507

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