Restaurant Review: Frenchie Winebar and Una Takeaway

>> Monday, December 19, 2016

Brr!! It is cold outside lately! From what I hear it’s suppose to stay that way for the next little while. So what better time than to keep warm with a couple glasses of wine. Then again, when is it not ‘wine o’clock’ in my books. Recently I had the opportunity to check out this lovely new gem called Frenchie Winebar and it totally took my breath away. Not to mention that it is also hidden behind one of the best takeaway places – Una Takeaway!

Atmosphere: Like stepping in to a traditional bar in the heart of Paris, making it the perfect place to impress a date or get cozy with some wine. Be sure to get there early in order to get a place at one of their coveted tables (there’s only 15 seats!).

Price Range: Mid $10s - $30

Food & Wine: As I hinted earlier Frenchie Winebar is actually located at the back of Una Takeaway. Making it a neat little secret that I’m sharing with everyone. I was lucky enough to get the grand tour of the whole place including the lovely Una Takeaway up front and their amazing kitchen in the basement where all charcuterie is made fresh in house by Empire Provisions.

When I sat down at the bar I got to sample some of their delicious charcuterie along with some lovely wine paired by the sommelier. On our lovely charcuterie platter was the Beef Bresaola, Chicken Liver Mousse, Pate and for the cheese we had La Grand Crème and Wensleydale with amazing accompaniments such as a pepper chutney, pickled vegetables, dates and cashews.

The Beef Bresaola, made by air drying the beef in a humidity controlled environment. You could taste the flavour of the beef with was enhanced through being lightly dehydrated with a hint of salt. There was also the creamy Chicken Liver Mousse which I couldn’t stop spreading it over the crostinis! Salty, unctuous with a hint of sweetness made it perfect for the crispy crostinis. The Pate was meatier and had amazing texture. I enjoyed it on its own and didn’t need the accompaniments but they were tasty as well. We got the chance to try the Finocchiona as well, made with fennel and pepper and you can see them speckled throughout the meat and you can definitely taste it!

I tend to stick to lighter cheeses and both of the selections we had that night were quite mild, which was perfect because they paired very nicely with the meats and the wine that we had. The La Grand Crème is exactly that light and creamy made from cow’s milk. Whereas the Wensleydale also made from cow’s milk was firm providing the texture contrast between the two. The cheeses went very nicely with the olives as well, the brininess seem to balance the milky taste from the cheese.

We had to try the dessert offerings since seeing the display at Una Takeaway up front it was hard not to want to order everything! They bake all their pastries and desserts in house and the Churro Pie caught my attention right away. It tastes just like what you’d expect, churro in the form of a pie! Delicious graham cracker crust with a creamy filling and topped with cinnamon sugar and chocolate ganache, what a great way to end the evening!

Throughout the night we had lovely suggestions of different wines to try starting with the Sperling Vineyards Brut Rose from Kelowna Canada. Bubbles to start is always lovely, especially since this was a rose. Next was an interesting ‘Orange’ wine from Portugal, which is made similar to rose wine by keeping the skins of the grapes on. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of this wine! I’m sure you can ask them though if you’re really intrigued! Lastly was a Grenache from McLaren Vale in South Australia with lots of cherry notes and light tannins. If you’re looking to try something outside your norm let them know and they’re take care of you!

My Picks: Chicken Liver Mousse, Finocchiona

Overall: What a great cozy spot to hide away from the cold outdoors with some delicious charcuterie and unique wines. Plus if you’re looking for a bit more there’s Una Takeaway just out front where you can order off the full Una menu plus delectable in house made desserts and pastries. A perfect location to start the evening or end a crazy day.

Frenchie Winebar
618 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-1432

Una Takeaway
616 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 453-1183

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