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>> Friday, September 23, 2016

Not too long along ago I visited Crossiron Mills Mall and was surprised by their revamped food court. I knew that they were planning an extension but didn't know when or how fast it had happened. The space has really opened up with this new expansion and the food court looks great! Not to mention it has allowed new vendors to open their doors. I was particularly intrigued by one - Popbar - as I was strolling through the mall. Gelato on a stick? What isn’t better on a stick.

There are three types of Popbar’s you can choose from, either the PopSorbetto, made from fresh fruit, the PopGelato, which is creamier and milk based or the YogurtPop, as you probably guessed, made from yogurt. All the popbars are made from natural ingredients in small batches to ensure amazing freshness every time. I was shocked to find out that they made all the popbars right on sight at Crossiron Mills just behind the food court! They’re also gluten free and kosher certified so everybody can indulge. You can customize each popbar if you like, with toppings such as white, milk or dark chocolate, either drizzled on top or dipped and add additional nuts, crunchy waffle bits or more chocolate chips to your hearts desire.

I got the chance to try a couple of the popbars starting with a fresh watermelon PopSorbetto, which I had just as. It was very refreshing and it felt like you were eating a watermelon itself. It also reminded me of a watermelon bubble tea. For the PopGelato I decided to dress it up a bit more. I had the hazelnut PopGelato with dark chocolate drizzle topped with crushed waffle cone. The combination of the creamy gelato and the crunchy waffle topping was a huge hit in my books. The added dark chocolate was just a bonus providing more depth of flavour and really making it “pop”, pun intended. I was extremely surprised at how there was no milky aftertaste which can often happen with some other gelatos out there. Instead my palate was clean and the popbars definitely quenched my sugar craving.

With 40 flavours and limitless topping combinations there are endless combinations to try. Not only is it a perfect treat, its even better coupled with shopping. I can’t wait to go back and can foresee myself indulging every chance I’m at Crossiron. I’ve already got a couple flavours on my must hit list. What’s yours?

Check out their site here: for more information and to salivate over your next popbar creation.

CrossIron Mills
261055 Crossiron Boulevard
Unit K22
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-4733


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