Fly Beyond with Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue

>> Thursday, September 8, 2016

Looking around at the trees reminds me that summer is truly over. The yellowing of the leaves signals fall is just around the corner. Now that August is over and September is in full swing I can't help but look back at all the great times over the last couple months including the boulangerie bleue event held by grey goose vodka. Although the weather was a story in itself this year. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sky the night of the event. The sun peering over us on the rooftop bar at the Simmons building as we got to enjoy the French Riviera here in Calgary.

Grey goose not only brought France to Calgary but they did it in style. The blue and white outdoor party along the bow reminisce of the beautiful river seine in France. To top it all off we were treated to a lovely four course menu paired with scrumptious grey goose cocktails from the farm to table Chef Jamie Kennedy along with delectable bread creations by Marc Thobor, who deliberately flew in wheat from France to create the bread which is also derived from the same wheat that is used to make grey good vodka. What a treat indeed.

After a brief introduction and tasting of said delicious bread and the Grey Goose fizz (take on the French 75) we began our food journey with some fresh oysters from both the east and west coast. The oyster dish was paired with the vodka martini. Where the dryness of the martini compliments the briny oysters to perfection. It was a great start to the night.

Next was a divine marinated wild salmon with fresh strawberry aigre doux salad complimented by the Grey Goose Cocktail de Vin Rose. A wine inspired cocktail which tasted exactly like sipping on a lovely crisp rose. The sweetness brought out the amazing salmon flavours along with all the lovely fresh fruit on the plate.

The main was a Grilled Hanger Steak with duxelles made from different mushrooms, served with baby vegetables. The Grey Goose inspired drink was the Vin Rouge aka a dark red wine. The addition of black peppercorns in to the cocktail brought out the same flavours in the steak. I was surprised at how well the vodka was able to double as a wine substitute.

For the final course, our dessert was a decadent chocolate almond cake with sour cherry and vanilla. The cake was moist with the perfect amount of sweetness and chocolate. This course was served with the Grey Goose Espresso Martini, a creamy smooth cocktail made from coffee liquer, vanilla bean, chocolate, espresso and of course, grey goose original.

After our amazing dinner, we were all invited to attend the after party held along the banks of the bow river, where a luxurious outdoor setting was there to whisk us away to the banks of the Seine. People were invited to sample more delicious Grey Goose cocktails as well as have a cocktail developed just for them. It was definitely the celebration of the summer. One that many could not stop talking about!


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