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>> Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ever since getting pregnant even though we still enjoy going out for dinner, its definitely been a lot harder since I've been so tired, especially now with a newborn. We found that instead we have been ordering in a lot more so we can still enjoy delicious food while taking a break from cooking (even though that's one of my favorite things to do!!). Luckily for us there are many new apps available which allows us to order in from restaurants that we would normally go to such as Greektown, Shibuya, etc. Recently I was invited to a foodie event where they're celebrating the launch of a new app called Nomme, which allows you to order in and they coupled up with the new Towa Sushi location out west which just opened to showcase their delicious food.

After a brief introduction by the Nomme and Towa staff we were treated to many amazing dishes, starting with their BBQ Skewers which is new to Towa and only available at their new west location. We got the opportunity to sample the BBQ Pork Belly, BBQ Chicken Wings and BBQ Chicken Skewers. They were all nicely chargrilled with a light charcoal taste and served with their house special BBQ sauce. Be sure to check out their menu for other great skewer options.

The Salmon Tataki which is seared salmon with ginger, lemon, red onion and ponzu sauce. The slices of salmon were nice and thick which is quintessentially Towa. I enjoyed the light sweetness of the ponzu sauce coupled with the spicy red onion and ginger. A bit of sweet, salty and tart made for a very nice start to our sushi filled meal.

Next up was all the delectable sushi rolls. First was the Spicy Salmon Roll made with salmon, cucumber and spicy mayo sauce. It was one of my favorite rolls that evening. I enjoy my foods with a kick and I liked the spiciness of the mayo especially when combined with the big towa style sushi rolls. Those who have visited Towa on 4th know what I mean when I say ‘big sushi rolls’. It’s a signature Towa style and they haven’t changed it here. The Rainbow Roll is a classic, with white tuna, salmon, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and flying fish roe. It’s a roll for traditional sushi lovers who aren’t in to sauces or all the fusion style sushi additions. Here you truly get a taste of the fish itself which gives the roll a light and fresh quality that can’t be beat.

If you’re into rolls that have a bit more flare then the next two rolls would be highly recommended. The Mango Paradise Roll has tempura shrimp, cucumber, kani, unagi, mango, masago, avocado, house special mango and unagi sauces. The presentation itself is amazing and when it arrived at the table, it caused quite the commotion and all cameras started flashing up a storm. I enjoyed the mouthfeel of this roll with the crispness of the tempura in combination with the rice and nori. It definitely is a sweeter roll due to the use of the mango and unagi (the unagi sauce being sweet as well). Its perfect for those looking for a sweet and salty combination.

Our last dish and roll of the day, the Playboy Roll truly was playful. It came to the table flaming and needed 5 minutes for the flames to stop before we can unveil the deliciousness inside. The roll includes tuna, yam tempura, shrimp tempura, kani, spicy mayo, ebi, house special spicy sauce. The main difference here is that the use of flame provides the roll a bit of a charred taste similar to aburi sushi or the use of a torch. I really enjoyed the taste of the roll and would definitely order it again! What a great way to end the evening!

Its always nice knowing that there are different dining options and with the introduction of apps such as Nomme ordering in has never been easier. Congratulations to both Towa West and Nomme and can’t wait to try the new app, possibly ordering in from Towa! You can never have too much sushi!

Towa Sushi & Lounge
105, 8560 8A Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 727-4383


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