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>> Friday, April 15, 2016

What is coast to coast Canadian cuisine? People mostly just think poutine when they think Canadian food, but we’re oh so much more than that. At the new Klein Harris Chef James Waters has dedicated their menu to showcasing local Canadian ingredients and flavours, everything from fresh oysters to local meats and vegetables. You can tell there is a lot of thought put in to the menu and I just couldn’t wait to taste it all.

Atmosphere: Beautiful redesign of the previous space into both a bright posh restaurant and cozy lounge all in one.

Price Range: Mid $10s - $20s

Food & Wine: The menu at Klein Harris is divided in to three sections; Tides / Currents for seafood, Roots / Stalk for vegetables and Wild / Farm for all meat dishes. We decided to order a bit from each to get a taste of all the various flavours. To start from Tides / Currents we ordered the Diver Scallops. The scallops were served with farmer’s bacon, braised peppers, napa cabbage and an apple nosh (similar to an apple puree). The dish had notes of both sweet and sour which really lifted the taste of the perfectly seared scallops. It was a nice light way to start off the evening.

From Roots / Stalks we had to try the Mushroom Ravioli, with flavours coming from the mixed wild mushrooms, brown butter leeks, blistered tomatoes, arugula and shaved gouda. The pasta on the raviolis was paper thin which really allowed the earthiness of the mushrooms to come through. I thoroughly enjoyed the brown butter sauce, it wasn’t overpowering and I believe the addition of the leeks with all the greens really helped bring those flavours together.

Next from Wild / Farm were our mains. I ordered the Pork Roast served with creamy whipped potatoes, caramelized apples and leeks, drizzled with a screech reduction and topped with fried sage. I really enjoyed all the flavours of the dish. Apple and pork are a classic combination and found that the chef had a very light hand with seasoning, perfect for those that aren’t looking for a heavy dish.

My husband had his eye on the duck breast which they were unfortunately out of that evening (will have to go back!). So he decided on the Hanger Steak which came with roasted butter potatoes, mushrooms, onions and a thyme garlic sauce. The steak was very lightly seasoned but the sides and the sauce added an extra depth of flavour, loved the use of mushrooms and potatoes here.

To end our evening we ordered the Bread Pudding and Doughnuts for dessert. The bread pudding had a light crunchy exterior and was gooey inside; topped with lots of rum butter sauce it wasn’t overly too sweet. I love an a la mode dessert and ordered a side of vanilla ice cream, which complimented the warm bread pudding. There’s just something about hot and cold that’s just perfection. My husband’s doughnuts looked amazing and I couldn’t help but have a taste (or two). They were soft and fluffy with a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. The best part was that they also came with two dipping sauces: caramel and chocolate. It was fun mixing up the combination of flavours. I highly recommend trying it with a cappuccino or Americano.

It’s hard to visit Klein Harris without sampling some great cocktails made by mixologist Christina Mah. Their version of the Caesar is anything but your typical red hued cocktail. Made with an in house clam and celery broth instead of the typical clamato juice, it provides a nice change to the typical sodium heavy Caesar. Then further topped with tomato, pickled celery and carrots replacing the celery salt rim, it elevates the Caesar to the next level.

My Picks: Diver Scallops, Mushroom Ravioli

Overall: They’ve done a great job of using local ingredients to highlight the different flavours of their dishes. I was very honored to have been invited to sample their menu and can’t wait to be back. Chef Waters mentioned that they’re going to be updating their menu to reflect the various seasons so I’m looking forward to that, plus we still need to try that duck breast!

Klein Harris
110 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 262-8100

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