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>> Monday, August 24, 2015

With our Japan trip lingering just around the corner. I’m madly doing all the research I can on what I need to eat (sushi, ramen, yakitori..you name it) to what I need to buy (everything!). However one thing that’s always on my mind is what emergency items I need to bring with me. I know there are going to be lots available while we’re there, but not being able to speak the language always has its drawbacks especially when it comes to medications and other emergency items.

Some key things to note when you’re about to travel and have plans to go off the beaten path or eat something adventurous include:

Visit a travel clinic – they’ll be able to start you off in the right direction

Get all your shots – check out this site for additional information

Pack a first aid kit – bandaids, gauze, polysporin, etc. Learn more here

Do your research – know the country or area and be aware of any new outbreaks or potential contagions

Stock up on required medication – if taking new medication remember to check all the side effects, you don’t want to be hit with unpleasant side effects in the middle of your trip. Also look for medication frequency and how well it mixes with food. If you’d like to take extra caution, sign up for patient safety alerts. You will receive recall and safety alerts on any of the medications you bring

Here’s a quick info graphic that helps lay everything out:

Although it's not usually what most people think about when traveling. It's always best to be safe when you're away from home. What are some of your concerns when packing for vacation? Let me know!


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