A Quick Bite at Corbeaux Bakehouse

>> Friday, February 27, 2015

As someone who celebrated the Flames Stanley Cup run in 2004, I was shocked to hear that Melrose Café closed their doors on the infamous red mile. It truly was an end to an era and it was a surprise to everyone who has ever frequented the establishment. However, with all change it always opens its doors to new opportunities and ventures. So when we heard that they were opening a bakery where Melrose used to be. It was quite the surprise. However, after visiting the new Corbeaux Bakery and seeing all the hustle and bustle of the packed café. One can say that Calgarians definitely embraced the new change, showcasing how much our city has evolved over the last couple years.

When you first step in to Corbeaux, you could hardly even recognize what the space used to be. Featuring a large bakery display with many delectable desserts and pastries, a large open dining area and coffee bar, the designers did a great job of transforming the restaurant part of the old Melrose in to a cozy and contemporary café establishment. There is the option of ordering straight from the bar or having a sit down meal which includes a separate menu. Since we were there for a quick snack, we decided to order from the bar. It’s debating which item to order that was the difficult part, since everything looked beyond wonderful.

After a bit of confusion due to the relatively new staff trying to get their bearings on the constant influx of customers, we were able to get a table and enjoy our afternoon snack. We started with one of their gourmet sandwiches made from their delicious baguettes with bacon, ham, cheese, arugula and grainy mustard. The bread was chewy and the sandwich itself was very flavourful, helped that the cheese was warm and gooey making the bite perfect. Next up I had to order the Almond Crossiant, which was covered with marzipan and almond flakes. Ripping off a piece (just like how the French do it…when eating a French pastry right?), I could already feel the flakiness of the pastry and couldn’t wait to taste it. As suspected, it was buttery and soft with a nice chew covered with almond goodness. A Fratello cappuccino was the perfect drink to wash it all down.

My husband ordered the Lemon Curd Danish and although I’m not usually one for citrus desserts, I couldn’t help but try it since the custard looked amazing. The pastry was crisp and crumbly, the curd was slightly tart, not overpowering but just enough to give it that lemony zing. My husband really enjoyed it and surprisingly so did I. We also took a quick peek at their serviced menu and were intrigued by some of the dishes that were offered. We’ll definitely have to stop by again at a later date, possibly also at a later time to avoid the crowds. Apparently the counter service is open till midnight if you’re also looking for a late night bite.

I’m happy to live in a city that continues to evolve and change. These last couple years in Calgary have been some of the most exciting for me, seeing all the new restaurants, public art pieces and development in the city has really brought Calgary forward as the new up and comer. 17th Avenue is no longer just the street for bars and pubs, but an area with distinctive culture and artistic flare. Closing of Melrose and modifying it to a busy café was really just the beginning. Here’s looking forward to what else this city has in store for us and I believe we’re all excited.

Corbeaux Bakehouse
730 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 474-9214
Website: corbeaux.com

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