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>> Friday, June 20, 2014

My husband recently told me about a new restaurant that opened up in his building and I was surprised to find out that Ric’s Grill and Mimi’s Italian Restaurant were no more. Instead the restaurant that’s currently occupying both spaces is called Test Kitchen. Since his office wasn’t too far away from mine, I figured I’d pop over for a quick lunch one day.

Atmosphere: Large dining areas in the lounge and dining room, featuring large floor to ceiling windows that really allows the natural sunlight in to brighten surroundings.

Price Range: Mid $10 - $20s

Food and Wine: After perusing the menu I really wanted to try both the Short Rib Sliders and the Fish Tacos, so I did just that. Since they were both appetizers I figured they’d be smaller and therefore 2 dishes shouldn’t be an issue. However when the food arrived I realized I was mistaken. The fish tacos themselves could have easily been an entrée dish. They came 3 to an order and were each fairly decent in size. Made with blackened halibut and topped with arugula, avocado, a sweet fruit salsa and drizzled with chili crème fraiche, they were quite delicious. All the ingredients worked well together and created a harmonious dish.

Even though I was starting to feel full after the tacos I couldn’t pass up on the sliders. Featuring braised short ribs in a tangy sauce with frisee greens, pickled onions and swiss cheese all on a mini ciabatta bun, they were perfect for sharing. They come 3 to an order as well and are a perfect appetizer size. The bread to filling ratio was good and you’re still able to taste the short ribs along with all of the accompaniments. I found that they probably didn’t even require the swiss cheese because the sauce itself was nicely flavoured.

My dining companion ordered the Italian Clubhouse which came with genoa, chicken, bacon, tomato, arugula, boccocini cheese and olive tapenade sandwiched between ciabatta. You get a choice of soup, salad or fries and she decided on the daily soup which happened to be creamy tomato that day. The sandwich itself was a good sized portion and the flavours melded well together. The soup was creamy and since they’re made daily it ensures the freshest ingredients are used.

Since we were grabbing a quick bite for the lunch, we weren’t able to sample their wine menu. There seemed to be a fairly decent selection and the servers are more than willing to suggest a wine pairing if you’re interested.

My Pick: Fish Tacos

Overall: Great lunch space! I really enjoyed the large open windows allowing the bright Calgary sun to shine through. The service was quick, perfect for those in a rush during the lunch hour. Test Kitchen is also currently running specialty dinners pairing wine or other liquors with chef selected courses. Be sure to sign up on their website to get all the info!

Test Kitchen
501 2 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(587) 700-2823

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