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>> Thursday, April 24, 2014


For the past couple of months I’ve walked by the location of the former West Restaurant & Bar observing all the construction that was happening. I wondered for a long time what sort of restaurant would replace that coveted spot. Never would I have had imagined that a ramen noodle house was to occupy that space. My husband and I are both huge fans of ramen and can never get enough (he would say he wins the noodle war between the two of us). So when Goro + Gun opened recently I couldn’t wait to order myself a bowl or two of noodles.

Atmosphere: A marriage of traditional design and modern artistic décor, all with a funky twist. Dining area features long tables perfect for large groups or select a table near the open kitchen to observe the spectacles.

Price Range: Mid $10s

Food & Wine: Aside from the ramen, we also wanted to try some of their appetizers and sushi. We decided on the Soy marinated Short Rib served with a side of tangy citrus dipping sauce as a starter. I did find the short ribs a bit salty and thought the dipping sauce help to mild out the flavours. When I ordered the dish I imagined it as a short rib taco or was served on a steamed bun. Thinking back, I probably should have asked to clarify, however it was still good on its own, but would probably be delicious on a steamed bun too!

The Sockeye Salmon Sashimi jumped out at us, since normally at sushi restaurant it’s typically fatty salmon so we decided to give it a try. I found it had a stronger salmon taste and different texture than the usual salmon. Since its leaner, the sashimi was also denser. None the less it was nice seeing something different available.

We also ordered two rolls to start, the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Seared Yellowtail. They had a really interesting presentation. The rolls themselves were similar to a kappa roll, with cucumber and avocado, and then topped with chopped tuna and a slice of serrano pepper. I really liked the addition of the fresh serrano pepper. It provided a different type of spiciness different from other usual spicy rolls that uses siracha or a spicy mayo and it really added a great kick. We enjoyed it so much, we had to order the spicy salmon roll as well.

The Spicy Salmon Roll was a similar presentation but topped with chopped salmon instead of tuna and the fresh serrano pepper. I found that I still enjoyed the tuna more. It could be because I normally prefer the spicy tuna rolls over salmon rolls. I really enjoy the texture of salmon on its own and prefer to eat it as sashimi rather than being chopped and incorporated in to a roll.

The Seared Yellowtail roll had a similar look with the roll composed of cucumber with ground radish and then topped with slices of yellowtail, served with citrus sauce. I thought that the sauce really brought out the taste of the yellowtail. The fish itself tasted fresh and again I thought the presentation was very unique.

Now for the main reason why we were at Goro + Gun, the ramen! The Shio Ramen came with bbq pork, kikurage mushrooms, red ginger, green onions and shio. The broth was amazing consisting of different levels of flavour all melded together, a true testament to the hours it took to pull the essence out of the pork bones. The ramen noodles themselves had a nice chewy texture and stood up well against the broth. I really enjoyed the bbq pork with its perfect marbling of the fat to meat ratio. Every bite of the ramen was to be savoured.

If you’re interested in a drink to accompany your meal, they serve really interesting saki inspired cocktails and a nice condensed wine list as well. I ordered the Vega Moragona tempranillo because I was looking for something a bit spicier to compliment the sushi rolls. Normally I would have stayed with a pinot but due to the serrano peppers, decided to go a bit bolder. The tempranillo was smooth, full bodied with a long lingering finish. It definitely cleansed my palate every sip to allow me to differentiate the taste of each roll.

My Picks: Spicy Tuna Roll, Shio Ramen

Overall: After months of anticipation of a new ramen noodle soup shop, especially being in the middle of downtown Calgary and so easily accessible during work, Goro + Gun did not disappoint. The noodle bowl was delicious and the sushi was inspired. Move aside shopping, I might be going to the mall for other reasons during lunch, to get my fill of ramen!

Goro + Gun
225 7 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 237-5596

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