Weekends and Eggy Prosciutto Cups for Brunch

>> Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Long weekends never seem to last. Everybody always looks forward to them, but they come and go with a blink of an eye. My friends tell me to enjoy them now since they’re all beginning to have kids and they tell me that time flies by even faster when you do. As somebody that doesn’t have kids, it’s hard to imagine that time can past by any faster than it already has. A person once told me a great analogy. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates; life is like a toilet paper roll. The older you get the faster it spins and the closer to the end of the roll. Guess Forrest got it wrong after all!

Since everything is spinning faster and time is out of control, I try to find ways to make a delicious meal without actually having to “make” the meal. Best way for that is the oven. I think it’s under-utilized at times. There’s nothing easier than to cook several different dishes and let the oven do the work of one, or two of the items, especially in the morning. Here I share a quick recipe for those lazy weekend mornings where you don’t want to have to slave away to cook breakfast, but instead enjoy those extra couple minutes of down time. At least try to put a hold on that toilet paper from spinning out of control. So take a deep breath, enjoy the weekends for what they are and try the following recipe!
8 pieces of prosciutto
1/4 cup grated parmesan or other cheese of your choice
Salt and Pepper
4 eggs
Arugula or Spinach

Prehead oven to 375ºC while preparing the ingredients
In a muffin pan, press 2 slices of prosciutto in to each cup until out of prosciutto, make sure to press them down well or else the eggs will not fit nicely later.
Sprinkle or grate a bit of cheese in to each cup
Add a dash of salt and pepper to each cup
Carefully crack an egg on to the prosciutto and cheese, if the egg begins to overflow, remove some of the egg white
Top with another light dash of pepper (or salt, but remember that the prosciutto can be salty!)
Place in oven and let cook for 8-10 mins depending on how runny you want the eggs to be, I prefer mine to have a runny center so I cook them for only 8 mins.
Remove from oven, let cool
On a plate, place a layer of arugula or spinach, depending on what you’re using. Scoop the prosciutto cups out of the muffin pan and place on top of the leafy greens.
Serve with healthy hollandaise or as is for a quick breakfast or brunch!
Recipe makes 4 servings


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