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>> Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 Its always hard coming back from vacation, the only thing that gets me through it all is reminiscing about the trip through my blogs. That and planning for my next vacation, what can I say, I work to eat and travel, but who doesn’t? Our trip out to Washington was really a nice teaser until our longer trip in the fall. It was much needed, plus I was amazed by all the foodie experiences that happened in Washington. Since it’s not a city that’s really known for their cuisine, unlike New York, but there were many amazing finds. So for those that are headed to down to Washington, here are some of my recommendations (it was hard to pick since there were so many great eats).

I’ve heard that there is a huge Ethiopian representation in DC and decided that we would try the highly recommended Etete Restaurant. It was both my husband and mine’s first time trying Ethiopian food and it did not disappoint! The meat had the perfect amount of char to it giving it a great smoky flavour. Each of the dips were flavourful but didn’t compete with each other and even the injera aka bread was spongy goodness. I definitely recommend it if you’re in the area.

We also had to wonder over to the U street corridor and try out Ben’s Chili Bowl. World renowned for their chili, which has been served for the last 52 years! Even President Obama has made it down for their famous chili half smoked dog, which is a hot dog made with half beef and half pork. A specialty in this area! I enjoyed the chili on everything, fries, hot dog, even by itself.

I knew I had to eat at The Pig once I saw the name. How could you go wrong with a restaurant focused solely on pork?! Not recommended for some of course, but even their butter was called swine butter and tasted like bacon. I really enjoyed their pork belly, perfectly crispy with an amazing side of stone grits. I’ll definitely be writing a review on my experience so stay tuned.

Finally if you’re headed up to Georgetown, don’t miss the Tackle Box. Known for their world famous lobster roll, but we decided to get the full on New England Clam Bake Meal, 1 1/4 lb lobster with clams, mussels, potatoes and onion. The broth was so delicious that we tried to sop it all up with anything we could find. It was also happy hour at the time and one of the features was $1 oysters, so you can bet that we had our fill.

A trip out to DC is not complete without seeing the amazing museums which are all free. There were so many of them we didn’t even get a chance to go to all the ones we highlighted at the beginning of the trip. I highly recommend seeing the Smithsonian Museum, full of relics and treasures. The Holocaust Museum was eerie but in a good way, to remind everyone about the horrors of war. The Museum of Natural History to see the Hope Diamond and many more like the Air and Space Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art…you really can’t have too much time here.

In addition to the amazing collections there are all the memorials and monuments around the National Mall. If you walk a full circle around the whole National Mall, it’ll bring you from Capitol Hill, down through the museum row to the Washington Monument, reflecting pool (currently under construction) through the Vietnam War Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial. If you’re still interested in seeing more, there is another circle that will guide you to the Jefferson Memorial to the Regan Memorial and down to the Martin Luther King Memorial. It really gave me an appreciation for American history.

If you’re looking for something less touristy, there are also a lot of history walks. They’re all signed around the city in each district or neighbourhood. Hard to miss them in a city that’s over 300 years old, all the districts are unique and the architecture around town is amazing. It’s hard to compare it to Calgary since we are only a little over 100 years old and therefore missing a lot of the history that comes with an older city, but I guess that’s why there’s traveling. I guess I better get on planning my next getaway!


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