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>> Monday, June 25, 2012

People say you’re either a runner or you’re not. I’m not sure if I can validate that since I put a lot of time and effort in to training for both distance and endurance. What I have realized though is that aside from the personal health benefits I gained from running, I can also use it to help assist others by joining campaigns where I can run for the cure through different charitable events. That was my way of putting my hobby to work for others.

So when I found out that Chef Rogalski of Rouge Restaurant was crafting a special evening to raise awareness for the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, which is dedicated to neurological and mental health, I found it inspiring that Chef Rogalski has found a way to put forth his devotion for food towards such a righteous cause. I was more than willing to assist in his endeavour and hopefully everyone would too. One might not cook or run, but I believe attending this event would be a great first step to contribute to a notable cause and raise awareness for brain related illnesses and injuries.
Please see below for more information on how you can do your part in this cause:


What: Rouge Restaurant is celebrating summer and the Stampede’s centennial year by hosting the first annual Rouge and White Garden Party. Join award-winning Chef Paul Rogalski and celebrity guests for a philanthropic, pre-Stampede carnival extravaganza. Guests can expect a chic midway experience with bubbly, wine pairings and a gourmet spin on traditional carnival food. The event is intended to raise awareness for the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, showing support and bringing together people who have been affected by brain related illnesses or injuries.

Why: Neurological related illnesses and injuries hit close to home for Rouge co-owners as both have had family and friends recently affected. The Hotchkiss Brain Institute plays a large role in neurological and mental health research and Rouge would like to highlight their work and efforts. Tickets are $125 each and sold on a first come first serve basis. To purchase tickets to the Rouge and White Garden Party please call 403-531-2767.

Host/Presenter - Chef Paul Rogalski, Chief Culinary Officer/Co-owner, Rouge Restaurant
Presenter - Dr. Sam Weiss, Hotchkiss Brain Institute
Presenter - George Brookman, Past President and Chairman, Calgary Stampede

Where: Rouge Restaurant - 1240 8th Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta
Celebrate the Calgary Stampede`s Centennial year in one of the Big Four’s original homes at the A.E. Cross House in historical Inglewood.

When: Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Dress: Rouge and White

Please contact Rouge Restaurant for more information and on how you can purchase a ticket. Every little bit counts!


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