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>> Thursday, January 26, 2012

With it being Chinese New Year right now, it has really got me thinking about our last Asia trip, especially all the delicious food that we found in and around Hong Kong! Crispy BBQ pork, roasted goose, stinky tofu! Although some might not see those as delicacies, no worries, there are a plethora of different cuisines and dishes offered. Ranging from street food for the adventurous ones to upscale Michelin star restaurants serving Italian and other foreign fair. I can only imagine what the foodie adventures would be like during Chinese New Year since I’ve never been during this time.

I can’t even being to imagine what it must be like in Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year. The busting night markets must be even busier, the food must be even tastier and the lights are probably brighter everywhere you go!

Thinking back there were definitely some must sees. Avenue of the stars was one of those destinations because of its location and the amazing view it provides of Hong Kong Island. Located along the southern end of Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon Island. The promenade highlights all the Hong Kong stars and their achievements in arts and film (iron Bruce Lee statue also located here). At 8pm nightly there is also a light show display.

Since you’re already on Kowloon Island, don’t forget to check out Mong Kok, where you can find many different eateries selling the famous BBQ pork, duck, cha siu and other amazing Chinese rotisserie goodies. Mong Kok is also where the Ladies Street night market is located. There you can find a variety of items sold at very low prices. Remember to haggle because that is really part of the fun! The store keepers already know who the tourists are, so make sure not to start your pricing too high.

If you continue south of Mong Kok you’ll hit Temple Street, another night market area where they will tell your fortune. There are also a lot of eateries along the sides of the street and you can truly experience outdoor street dining. Remember to bring lots of tissues because these eateries do not provide tissue paper, but you can buy some for a small charge.

When dining in Hong Kong, you can’t miss the dim sum and bakeries! A must during the day or as a mid afternoon snack. People enjoy going to dim sum restaurants in the early afternoon and just sit with a pot of tea (yum cha) while enjoying small dim sum (meaning touch of heart) aka small dishes. Going with a larger group of people will allow you to try a variety of different foods. It’s like Chinese tapas for brunch!

The thing I miss most about Hong Kong is their bakeries. All the different selection of goodies, sweet and savory buns! My favourite remains the Bo Lo Bao with taro stuffed in the middle. I was also able to find green bean stuffed Bo Lo Baos (straight translation meaning pineapple buns because of the way it looks, no pineapples are actually used to make the bun).

If you get a chance to wonder over to Hong Kong Island, you must check out The Peak. The view up at the peak is one of the best in Hong Kong. There is also an attached shopping mall and many places to eat. A common trend throughout Asia, you won’t ever go hungry because no matter where you are..there is a restaurant or eatery. We had the opportunity to eat at The Pearl Restaurant overlooking the amazing view. We ordered the seafood platter, which was more than enough to fill us up, but we couldn’t stop there. Other dishes we tasted included the warm mushroom salad, seared scallops and amazing desserts (molten chocolate lava cake and bread pudding). I still remember the meal today.

I’m really curious how a city that’s so bustling and lively can get even more so, but there really is no other holiday in the Chinese culture that’s bigger than the Lunar New Year. I can only imagine what the night markets would be like. How the temples must be overflowing with people (Wong Tai Sin Temple is a must see as well!) and how the food must be even more bountiful! I guess the only way to really find out is to experience it myself one day….whenever that day is!


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