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>> Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Work weeks can be long and sometimes painful. So it helps to have little things to look forward to in order to perk it up. Vacations being one of them, but its not every week where one can take off for an exotic locale. Enter in the happy hour. It’s not an azure blue ocean or romantic Paris, but at least it’s something to look forward to and it’s easily accessible. It’s great to know that there are so many different happy hour locations close by offering an array of bevies to make the week that much more enjoyable. Some even offer food specials, like Double Zero Pizza. How could one refuse?

Atmosphere: An open concept lower level dining area, with a laid-back rustic flare.

Price Range: Mid $10s - $20s

Food and Wine: Since we were there for happy hour, this allowed us to sample a bunch of their appetizers at a special happy hour pricing. Each appetizer is served in a smaller sample plate and only costs $5 each. It reminded me of a tapas menu, which was very exciting. Plus there is nothing better than pairing $5 happy hour drinks (house wine and select beers) with yummy food.

The Calamari had a nice light batter, which really allowed the calamari itself to be the star. It was served with fried capers, green onions and a very light creamy tomato sauce, not the usual tzatziki, but I didn’t mind it, instead I welcomed the change (so good we ordered it twice). The Shaved Speck had a really nice smokey flavour which paired well with the garlic spread and cherry tomatoes. I’m not a huge cheese fan and found the goat cheese in the Marinated Beets to be quite powerful. The grapefruit, basil and pistachios helped to mellow out the gaminess of the goat cheese, but I stuck to eating just the marinated beets which were perfectly seasoned and weren’t overly acidic. Our last appie dish was the “00” Meatballs. Made from a combination of ground pork and beef and served with a sweet tomato gravy sauce. My husband and I both found the meatballs a bit leaner than average, which ended up making them a bit dry. However, I liked the way they were seasoned and the sauce helped to rectify the fact that the meat wasn’t very fatty.

We couldn’t very well come to a pizza place and leave without trying their signature item….the pizza. So we ordered the Sausage Pizza featuring homemade Italian sausage, green onions and artichoke over a crispy thin dough reminiscent of Italian style pizzas. The artichoke was a really nice addition, bringing a much needed tartness to the dish. Especially since pizzas tend to be on the oily side, the thinness of the dough and the light touch of the toppings balance each other out. As mentioned the dough was pleasantly thin (just the way I like it) with a nice crunch when you bite in to it. The outer crust was a bit thick, but being a carbaholic, I enjoyed it!

Italian Sausage Pizza
Due to it being happy hour, I ended up sticking with the house wine that night, which was of the Negroamaro grape varietal. It is a Southern Italian grape variety, known for its deep dark red color. It tasted spicy and oaky, with a bold finish. Slightly bitter and went very well with the Italian sausage pizza.

My Picks: Calamari, Italian Sausage Pizza

Overall: On top of having a neat happy hour special on appetizer dishes, the service was friendly and welcoming. A much needed respite after a long days work. So even if you’re not headed to Double Zero to try it’s delicious pizza or even for their drinks, the service will win you over.

Double Zero Pizza 751 4 Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-9559

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Lance Sparks December 18, 2012 at 9:25 AM  

Thanks for this restaurant review! I love pizza restaurants like this! I have been trying to find somewhere that does pizza in Calgary like this, so reviews like these are always good for me to read about!

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