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>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vegas Strip
I’ve been on a slight hiatus lately because I was in Vegas and literally just got back. As you can imagine, my brain is still trying to readjust itself. So I’d really appreciate it if everyone can just ignore my random ramblings if it does occur (not saying that it will, just might, but I think I’m doing it right now…so I’ll stop now).

Anybody that’s been to Vegas or has even heard of Vegas knows what it’s all about. The lavish hotels, the smell of money being spent (not to mention smoke, couldn’t remember the last time I smelled smoke…everywhere) and of course Vegas’ emerging food scene. Walking up and down the strip you can see the many different celebrity chefs’ endorsing their restaurants like Emilio Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and the like. We ended up trying out a couple like Mario Batali’s B&B located inside the Venetian, Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak at the MGM and the celeb hot spot Koi at Planet Hollywood. I believe each of those deserve their own stand alone blog, no?

Aside from all the fancy dinner restaurants of course you can’t forget the everlasting Vegas buffets. The most famous of them all being the Bellagio buffet with dishes from around the world, which is located right inside the Bellagio (duh) beside the Cirque du Soleil O theatre. Talking about Cirque’s O, that was an amazing show and many people we mentioned it to afterwards highly recommended it over any other Cirque show’s they’ve seen. Just throwing it out there. We were staying at the Monte Carlo and ended up at our own buffet a couple of times as well (due to the thought of having to walk further than required for food in the mornings, who wants to do that?). The Monte Carlo buffet definitely isn’t as bountiful as the Bellagio buffet, but when you’re in a bind, it’ll definitely do. I suggest the extra $2 dollars for unlimited mimosas. What a better way than the start the day off right?

One thing we couldn’t leave Vegas without was to stop by the New York New York hotel for one of their specialties. Can you guess what it is? The New York pretzel of course! We were told by a friend of a friend of ours that their pretzels are to die for and she would pay life and limb for one and haven’t stopped dreaming of them since her last trip to Vegas 3 years ago. Well, how could I pass that one up, you pretty much can’t! So off we went in search of this pretzel place not knowing the specifics or the name of the store, until we happen upon it. New York Pretzels – don’t forget it. Lol.

The pretzels came in different flavours that can be found in common pretzel places such as plain, salted, cinnamon sugar, pepperoni, etc. The jalapeno and cheese one was different though, which was nice. I decided on the plain to get the real pretzel dough taste without the hindrances of all the other yummy toppings. My first bite was chewy, sweet, buttery and melted in my mouth before I could even say how good it was and it was good. I proceeded forward with the rest of the pretzel and didn't bother to stop in between bites. It was that good.

Vegas Sign
All in all, this Vegas trip was a well needed break from the everyday norm. However, this city is truly the city of vices in many more ways than one whether it be gambling, shopping, eating or anything else you’re thinking of. I just know it’ll be a while before my body and brain recovers and it’ll be a bit longer before I head out to Las Vegas again. However I now will also be dreaming about that delicious pretzel until my next Vegas expedition.


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