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>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainbow Roll

It’s amazing how quickly food photos can add up on the computer’s hard drive. Those photos have slowly started infiltrating our external hard drive space as well (don’t tell my husband!). So you can see how easy it is for me to miss place photos of what has been blogged and what I was planning to blog, especially when you get a good couple of weeks where foods were baked endlessly, the holidays encouraged non stop cooking and friendly gatherings were arranged at different restaurants around town. I feel like I’m always playing catch up sometimes! Then it just so happened that I found a folder of all my photos that I’ve dumped in as “to be sorted” and found that there were some great yummy looking ones of the delicious sushi at Globefish, which I’ve failed to post. Since they look so scrumptious and because I thoroughly enjoy their sushi, I figured it was time to give them justice on this site.

Atmosphere: Cozy booths that allow for privacy in a trendy and energetic restaurant setting.

Price Range: Mid $10s

Food and Sake!: Known for their delicious and inventive sushi rolls, Globefish has been on most people’s go-to sushi restaurant lists for as long as I can recall. I think there are few people that haven’t heard of this place or their sister restaurant of the same name in Marda Loop (and now in Chinook as well). All the sushi rolls that we ordered came artistically arranged in a style reminiscence of sushi restaurants in Japan. One look at them and I couldn’t wait to try each and every kind, except for the slight second hesitation of ruining such a beautiful showpiece, but that didn’t last that long.

Crazy Buster Roll
We ordered the Crazy Buster Roll, consisting of spicy tempura wrapped in fresh tuna with a spicy sauce and green onions. I love the combo of green onion and tuna, the green onion gives the tuna a different flavour profile and it’s always a winner. Next up we had the Cherry Blossom Roll with salmon and avocado wrapped with red tuna and served with seaweed salad and tobiko over top. Again, staying with the staples of salmon and tuna always creates a great roll, especially when paired with seaweed salad. The sweetness of the seaweed brings out great flavours in the fish. The Crab Paradise had a nice twist with salmon, mango and avocado wrapped in soft shell crab. The spiciness of the sauce was a nice touch to enhance the taste of the sweet crab.

We also had a chance to try their traditional sashimi and rolls (spicy tuna, California roll, roll combos ) and they were all delicious and fresh as well. Globefish also serves a great variety of appetizers and noodle bowls for those that aren’t necessarily looking for something raw. One of our friends purely goes for Japanese to have all the yummy cooked foods rather than the fish itself and she highly enjoys all the different selections. I’m sure everything tasted even better after a couple glasses of hot sake!

Spicy Roll Combo
My Picks: Spicy Tuna Roll or the Flames Combo, which includes Spicy Salmon and Spicy California Rolls.

Overall: Well known already around town as one of the best sushi restaurants (maybe subconsciously I didn’t forget to post the pics because subconsciously I was trying to keep all the delicious goodness to myself?!), there’s not much to say about Globefish except that people have got it right! The fish is fresh, the service is fast, which makes for a great evening out with whomever is up for some great food!

Globefish Sushi and IzakayaKensington
332 14 St. NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 521-0222

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