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>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nobu 57
No matter where you go nowadays we seem to be bombarded with celebrity news, on TV, in the newspaper and especially in the tabloid magazines. So when we were down to New York I was all expecting to see celebrities with paparazzi following them in those crazy car chases, ok maybe the paparazzi only chases Britney Spears, but at least some crazy camera action. Alas, nothing, nada, zip…no paparazzi and not even one celebrity, although we did see a movie being made though which I thought was neat since how often does that happen in Calgary? That’s why I thought it was odd that we weren’t allowed to take photos inside Nobu, being that the celebrities seem to be in hibernation that week, but I guess it’s a courtesy they extend to all their guests. I don’t think anybody would like to see non stop flashes while they’re trying to enjoy their meal at a dimly lit restaurant no matter where they are. That’s why I made sure to only photograph the food and quickly, without flash, making for great fuzzy photos. Enjoy!

Black Cod
Atmosphere: Japanese décor at its grandest, large open dining room which transports you away from the city.

Price Range: Mid $30+

Food and Wine (and Sake?): Aside from being in awe of the amazing décor inside Nobu, you have to be amazed with the food as well. The menu had many inspiring choices, cold and hot dishes, entrees, sushi, sashimi and for a foodie like myself, it was definitely hard to decide, I wanted to try everything! Luckily all the girls were in the same dilemma and we got to try a whole array of dishes, but sadly for my blog a lot of the photos didn’t turn out (restaurants really have to stop dimming their lights)! I guess it just gives everybody an excuse to go to Nobu or better yet New York!? But I digress…

For starters we ordered the house specialty Black Cod with Miso, which was amazing, the cod was tender and moist, and it also came with miso soup and a starter salad which had a very nice and light ginger soy dressing. The Yellowtail Jalapeno roll, Bigeye and Bluefin Toro Scallion roll and the Soft Shell Crab roll were all fresh and amazing. They all had a new twist about them without stretching it too far from the traditional Japanese sushi style. Our Sashimi dinner was artfully arranged and came with many different selections of fish, definitely one to try if you’re a sushi fanatic.

Sushi rolls
Of course one would not be complete at Nobu without trying some of their signature desserts, how is any meal complete without dessert? Our server recommended the Bento Box, which was a Nobu favourite, it came with a decadent dark chocolate cake and house made green tea matcha gelato. Who would have thought that green tea and dark chocolate paired so well, will have to make notes on that one! We also tried the Kamameshi Thai, which was a vanilla rice pudding with tiny mochi pearls and puffed soba served with a bit of spicy jalapeno infused pineapples and a Thai sorbet. The best part about that dessert was the amazing presentation of the dessert served in a fondue pot heated lightly beneath by candles.

As for the alcohol, Nobu doesn’t disappoint, looking at the wine list and all the available reds and whites, there is a good selection of wine to accompany the variety of dishes offered. We decided on a nice light Pinot Grigio which complimented the sushi very well, plus there is always delicious sake, served both hot and cold to warm your belly.

Bento Box
My Picks: Black Cod with Miso, Sashimi Dinner, Bento Box Dessert

Overall: If somebody was stopping by NY, Nobu shouldn’t be missed! Maybe you’ll be luckier and spot a celebrity or two while you’re there!

Nobu 57
Midtown West
40 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 757-3000

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