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>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crumbs cupcakes
Everybody walks in New York and we were just having a morning stroll through Central Park and through the Lincoln centre located at the lower west corner of Central Park. Since we were on a walking bender all morning and New Yorkers all walk everywhere, we figured why not fit in and keep trekking back to our hotel on 50th and Lexington while checking out the sites along the way, but as we were headed back a friend of mine made a sudden detour while we were on 42nd street because she became side tracked by a window display at the Crumbs bakeshop. One look at the sign posted outside the shop and I was right behind her (you don't get voted best cupcake in NY for no reason).

Eye on the Black and White cookie
Once I stepped in to the bakery I could barely take my eyes off of the row upon row of sweets displayed, ranging from red velvet cupcakes to gigantic Oreo cupcakes, but what truly caught my eye was the one and only black and white cookie! If you're a follower of Seinfeld like me you'll understand the significance of said cookie (look to the cookie Elaine...look to the cookie!) and if you're not, well you can enjoy the pure deliciousness of it! I had to buy one but making my situation more stressful than one could imagine (trying unsuccessfully to rein in my salavating tastebuds) was that there was only one black and white cookie left! Just one! You could tell it was a good choice already since there was only one lonely cookie sitting there. It had to be a crowd favourite. Sure there were brown and white cookies (the ones on top of the black and whites looking suspiciously similar) but nothing beats the taste of chocolate and vanilla, the original cookie design! Luckily as the line shrunk in front of me and I slowly inched closer to the counter the cookie remained untouched (I was going to wrestle somebody at this point if they ordered it) and my ownership of the black and white cookie was fulfilled.

As I bit in to the soft chewy body of the cookie mingled with the perfect amount of chocolate and vanilla icing on top I could tell you for a fact that it was heaven (I have photos of me enjoying the cookie but you probably don't need to witness that)! Needless to say I enjoyed each and every bite of that plate sized cookie, the way it was meant to be devoured, but as much as I enjoyed it myself, I was still willing to share the joy with my fellow travellers because I believe that no New York trip is complete without experiencing the one and only black and white cookie!

Crumbs Bakeshop
There are several different locations so keep an eye out when you’re in NY.

Crumbs Bakeshop
Midtown West
43 W. 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
212) 221-1500

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PunkRawkKnitter August 11, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

Did you stay at the Marriot Rennaissance? I totally like Crumbs better than Magnolia. I had the s'more cupcake, it was messy, but totally worth it.

Bonnie August 11, 2010 at 3:23 PM  

We were at the Kimberly hotel, great place and location! My friend got the lemon cupcake and was quite impressed as well.

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