Restaurant Review: Shibuya Izakaya

>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kiwi Paradise - Red Forest Rolls

Calgary is a relatively small city in comparison to the major metropolitan centres around the world, but its growing and changing. I’m actually quite shocked at times of how many different types of food one can sample in and around the city being as it’s not that great in size. There are always the neighbourhood diners and restaurants that might are local gems, especially when it comes to ethnic foods. So when I heard of a sushi restaurant that I’ve never visited before, I had to put it on my list of things to try and try it I did! Several times!

Grilled Black Cod
Atmosphere: Quaint sushi restaurant open late for those who like their Japanese food at all times of the day.

Price Range: Mid $10s-$20s

Maki Sushi Combo
Food: I’ve heard of Shibuya a couple of times but never had the chance to stop by, so when we were looking for a place for Japanese food, I was not surprised that I chose it but was surprised that my cousin quickly agreed. Since she’s been there more than I had she suggested that we try the grilled black cod and I’m glad we did and realized why she didn’t mind coming here in the first place. The fish was flavourful without having an overwhelming fishy taste which could happen with cod, but since it was nicely grilled and glazed, the flavours were perfect. Next we tried several of their special sushi rolls (Kiwi paradise, Salmon Isobe, Red Forest) which were different and used unique ingredients that I’ve never seen before, especially Kimchi from the Red Forest roll. We also tried the Maki Sushi combo, which featured a spicy tuna roll, dynamite roll and California roll. I really enjoyed the spicy tuna and will definitely be ordering that again in the future.

Salmon Isobe Roll
My Picks: Grilled Black Cod and Spicy Tuna Roll

Overall: I’ve been back to Shibuya a couple of times now and although their ingenuity impresses me, I’ve also experienced some misses. That however should not put anybody off from going there and maybe you will find some hidden dish on the menu that I’m unaware of, in which case I do hope you’d share.

Shibuya Izakaya453 16 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-8823

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