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>> Monday, June 14, 2010

O Restaurant Appetizers
As we get older and older it seems like time is moving ever faster. Months and seasons change with a blink of an eye and years are barely a memory. I’ve always felt that it could be purely personal because I’ve always been the “Toys R Us kid”, the one that never wanted to grow up, never wanted to be 18 when all others around me couldn’t wait to be legal, but after talking to many many other people, it seems like I’m not the only one after all. Well not the only one thinking time is flying by, but maybe more so the only one wanting to be a “Toys R Us kid”. Personally I would have been quite content staying about 16, enough freedom to do what I wanted without the hassle or pressures of an adult life. Of course I know that can’t happen, but only what if. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, maybe we all just need to take time and truly appreciate where we are at now before time fast forwards again and next thing you know we’ll wonder where most of our lives have gone. Therefore taking in memorable moments and truly living and not just existing is vital, but most importantly enjoying the company of good friends along side some wonderful delicious food, which I’m sure, always makes for good memories.

Atmosphere: Both chic booths and trendy stretched tables at O provide a haven for the romantic couple or the stylish crowd, a good place to lounge and enjoy a few drinks, possibly a few bites.

Price Range: Mid $10s - $30s

Pan Seared Salmon
Food and Wine: Simply put our experience at O was intriguing, beginning with the restaurant being out of the wine that we initially ordered (O has a good selection of wine, but it could be due to the foreshadowing of the evening that they were of our specific choice) and followed by one of my dining companions becoming quickly unimpressed with the fact that they didn’t serve complimentary bread to satiate him before the arrival of our meal (he mentioned that he would be looking for this specific comment on my post, so how could I leave it out?). Luckily we had two servers to solve our problems (as one was training that day and had to shadow our main server), we’d figured that having two servers would solve our issues in a jiffy! Sadly that wasn’t quite the case, the same breadless dining companion then ordered his appetizer to find out that again they were out, but this time of calamari and so his hopes and dreams of ingesting grilled calamari that day would be denied. To sum things up quickly Mr. Breadless was not having a good dinner so far.

However we did end up ordering several other appetizers that were available including the Tombo Tuna Tartare which was served with an avocado tomato salsa and wonton crisps, the Lamb Flatbread served with goat cheese and Mussels in a creamy leek and parsley white wine sauce. Aside from the lamb being a little too gamey for me, the rest were quite tasty.

With no further ordering mishaps, our mains quickly arrived, where all occupants decided on a different dish. I ended up with the Pan Seared Salmon (which I ordered medium and sadly received well done, am I the only one not liking flaky overcooked fish?) served with lemon chive gnocchi, veggies and a tomato jam, which was quite fascinating but possibly more so on paper, but the gnocchi was nice. Mr. Breadless sampled the West Coast Halibut, which he described as being - not surprisingly - halibut, nothing lost and nothing gained. As for our friends, again there was a conflict, one seemed to have been content with his Braised Lamb, while the other received a well done (ordered medium well) Alberta Steak.

Of course you’re probably all thinking why we haven’t returned anything to the kitchen at this point, all I can say is, has anybody watched the movie “Waiting” not to say that O would do anything of the sort, but to this day, I have yet to return anything to any kitchen – EVER.

West Coast Halibut
My Picks: Tombo Tuna Tartare

Overall: O was great for setting the scene and providing a few tasty appetizer bites, but due to our intriguing experience, it would almost require a redo, a start over of sorts to truly be able to give an overall opinion. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I will be headed back to O any time soon and if so, would there be anyone willing to join me? I’m sure it’ll make for some interesting memories. =)

O Restaurant and Lounge
2018 33 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-0605

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