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>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fries Spectacular Platter

There is nothing like a milestone birthday to really make one reminisce about the good ol times of the past. All those memories of junior high and high school, all the days of hanging out at MacEwan Hall in University while eating some of the not so great meals; days when the words calories, fat and protein were just that, words in the English vocabulary, seldom used or cared about. One such thought brought me back to when I was in high school and fries were my food of choice, it didn’t matter whether they were from McDonald’s, NY Fries or even yam tempura, I would eat them any time I got a chance to (with mayo of course, well except the tempura). Thinking back, I’ve noticed how my diet (like our age) have changed, so it seemed fitting that we went to Loungeburger for our friend’s big 3-0 birthday, if only for a quick flashback to the good ol times.

Atmosphere: Casual and laid back, Loungeburger would be a great place to catch that great playoff game or even just to “lounge” with a custom made gourmet burger and fries.

Price Range: Mid $10s-20s

Lamb Burger
Food and Wine Beer: If you enjoy sweet potato fries, then you won’t be disappointed. I think I had 3 plates of them by the end of the night (I know, not exactly an example of FIT in Scrumptiously Fit Food, but it was scrumptious and yummy food, so 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right? =P). All the signature burgers come with a choice of fries (many different types to choose from), poutine or salad. If you’d like to stick to the healthier choices, the salads looked pretty delicious as well. We started off the night with the Crab Dip, which was served with fresh garlic and herb flatbread where could definitely taste the crab and was a great sharing platter for 2-3 people, but once the crowd started to show up we had to move on to the Fry Spectacular. The dish came with three different types – homestyle fries, yam fries and waffle cut – each served with a unique dipping sauce, I really enjoyed the curry flavoured sauce paired with the waffle cut fries.

For our mains several people decided to go adventurous and built their own burgers from the 14 different patty styles that Loungeburger provides. As for me, I decided to stick with the Lamb Burger – you can’t go wrong with Mediterranean style anything. The burger was served with roasted red peppers, tzatziki and feta cheese on a fluffy focaccia bun (which isn’t like your normal focaccia bread and I’m still debating whether I enjoyed it), oh and did I mention I had a side of sweet potato fries? Oh right, I did. =) I also had a few bites of his burger which was made from Tiger Shrimp served with garlic and scallions and Asian slaw, also on a focaccia bun with a side of onion rings. The burger was juicy and well marinated and paired well with all the Asian infused flavours; the onion rings didn’t hurt either.

As for drink selections, Loungeburger has a great bar featuring daily specials, which I took full advantage of with the Grey Goose Vodka’s. They also had many different types of beer on tap, which would satisfy the sports fanatics I’m sure.

Tiger Shrimp Burger
My Picks: Build your own burger or Tiger Shrimp Burger with Sweet Potato Fries!

Overall: If you’re like me and craving fries, this would be the place to go, they did have entrĂ©e choices for those who weren’t looking for a burger, but then you’d be missing the best part. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel 18 again and eat whatever they want? (every now and again that is)

Loungeburger270, 14th Avenue SE
Macleod Trail South
Calgary, AB

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