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>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

San Remo - McKenzie Towne - Scrumptiously Fit Food
Never would I have realized how much we enjoy going out for dinner if it wasn’t for all the pictures and notes I’ve jotted down about all my experiences every time we’re out. Then the sad realization of me falling behind on my restaurant reviews kicks in, so I figured it was about that time again for me to dig deep and find the inspiration to write a review. Since I was back logged, why not focus on a restaurant that I’ve enjoyed eating at for a while now and consider a hidden gem, since its location is outside of the downtown core. Because it’s in the deep far south of the city, most people don’t realize its existence or the fact that there’s more than one of them (the second location is on the west side of the city) – enter San Remo – Innovative Italian Cuisine!

Atmosphere: A casual and trendy atmosphere, with some rustic flare by utilizing a cozy fireplace and chandeliers.

Price Range: Mid $20s - $30s

Tomato and Arugula Salad - Scrumptiously Fit Food
Food and Wine: From the sun dried tomato butter that’s served with their bread to each of the following courses presented, San Remo doesn’t disappoint. The menu changes frequently and new creations like the Lamb Osso Bucco or the Veal Involtini, makes my mouth water just by reading them. They also have daily features which include freshly caught seafood or a chef’s feature. All of the above is enough to entice me to drop by frequently just to see what’s cooking in their kitchen! Plus they have a variety of wines that pair well with their dishes and the waiters are more than willing to provide suggestions.

Ciopinno - Scrumptiously Fit Food

This time we started off the evening by ordering the Lobster Bisque and the Tomato and Arugula Salad. Both were a delight but nothing compared to our main dishes, where I got the daily special of Artic Char served over roasted peppers and herbed aioli and he ordered the Ciopinno with green pea risotto and toasted crostini. I had a taste of the ciopinno with the perfectly cooked risotto and made a mental note to order that next time (hopefully their menu doesn’t change before I get a chance to do so!). My dish was extremely flavourful and the contrast of the aioli to the peppers rounded out the dish very well. The portions are quite sizeable and left me stuffed beyond belief, but having one peek at the dessert menu and seeing my favourite Toffee Bread Pudding, let’s just say, that was the end of me and my resolve. Of course all the desserts sounded divine and again I found myself mentally making room in my calendar to see when I can come back to test them all out!

Artic Char - Scrumptiously Fit Food
Overall: I remember the first time I walked in to San Remo. I had no expectations, seeing it as a chain restaurant, but after experiencing the different flavour combinations created by the kitchen, I left feeling extremely satisfied and have been impressed every time I go back. Now I expect nothing less than exceptional and will be heading back again and again (there’s that mental calendar reminder going off).

San Remo Menu - Scrumptiously Fit Food
McKenzie Towne
500, 25 McKenzie Towne Gate SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 0NZ
(403) 251-0998

Garrison Woods
3574 Garrison Gate SW
Calgary, AB T2T 6N1
(403) 685-5727


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