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Scrumptiously Fit Food - Calgary Food Blog

It all started with a simple search for finding ways to make ice cream at home without a machine, which has turned in to weeks of obsessed reading of online food blogs. I guess it's true that bloggers love to read and write blogs, especially when you're a food blogger. Nothing gives me better pleasure than cooking, eating, photographing and lately reading about food, which incidentally is all inclusive of a good blog. It's open up a whole new world to me, including recipes that I want to try (which were already longer than my Christmas wish list and definitely not getting shorter by the way I'm going). You can read about anything food related on nutrition, health, travel and it's a great escape from the daily grind (especially if you live in Calgary, AB, you NEED to live vicariously through others). Two of the blogs that I've been addicted to lately include:

David Lebovitz's Paris Food Blog:
David blogs about all things Paris, which is one of my most beloved cities. Paris really is romantic, everything you do in Paris is romantic and sexy, including eating a croissant on the street...mostly because you're eating in Paris! What could be better? Therefore reading anything and everything about David's adventures takes me far away from bitter cold Southern Alberta. Although he does give some good perspectives of how romanticizing a city often does make it better than the real thing.

Food Mayhem New York City Food Blog:
Since I'm planning on heading to NY in the next couple of months, naturally I would want to read everything about it. It just so happened that I am more interested in reading about the restaurants in NY than per say, the attractions (that doesn't mean I'm not going to be shopping, that I'd rather act on than read about). This blog includes a bunch of really interesting recipes (there goes the list again) which I'm definitely going to be trying real soon.

There you have it, the two main blogs that I've been following religiously the last couple of weeks and if this obsession continues I'm sure there will be more blogs to follow. Hopefully the next couple of ones will be more exercise or nutritional based, but who am I kidding...

P.S - Quick note about my blog photos, they're definitely no where NEAR where I would like them to be, but seeing as the only camera I have on hand most of the time is the one built in to my iphone, I'm not really working with much. I will try to improve the photos as time goes on..and hopefully these grainy photos will be no more!


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