Hello 2021 with Nature's Path

Hello 2021! Like the masses 2020 felt like it was never going to end but here we are in to 2021 and it’s been a nice change of pace so far. With travel still being quite limited, we’ve had a lot of time to spend in the Rockies. Our proverbial backyard. And I've never been more grateful for the fact that we have this beautiful landscape less than an hour away from Calgary!

This year so far we’ve gone out there to snowshoe, hike and hit the slopes. It’s amazing how many different winter activities you can think of when you’re trying to enjoy the snow and luckily for us we got a huge dump before Christmas!

On this last trip out to Castle Mountain we were about to do a hike up to the Castle Mountain Lookout which provides us a view of the beautiful Lake Louise mountain range of the Rockies. When we got to the top, I was so glad that we brought along some snacks. One of the things we packed was the new organic Nature’s Path Cacao Granola! It really hit the spot especially after snowshoeing up 4km of pretty much straight incline.

The sweetness of the granola was perfectly balanced from the coconut sugar with a hint of the cocoa from the cacao nibs. The chocolately flavour made it very decadent which was a nice surprise. It didn’t feel like I was just eating any ‘ol granola, but more like I was enjoying a healthy chocolate chip cookie – if that’s a thing. I could also see my kids really enjoying this as well. Who wouldn’t want a chocolate snack? It would be perfect for when they’re out and about and needing a quick pick me up. There is only 7g of sugar in a ½ cup, which isn’t bad considering typically granolas have a pretty high sugar percentage. With the addition of the cacao nibs you don’t even realize that it doesn’t contain as much sugar as other granolas. It’s even gluten free for those who are looking for something that fits their dietary needs.

I also have the Nature’s Path Cacao Oatmeal and can’t wait to dig in to that as well. I think it will be perfect with a cup of steaming hot coffee in the mornings. Something to kick start the day so I know I’ll be ready to go on another adventure whatever that may be.

I was so happy that we brought the granola along which was an easy snack while we were enjoying the scenery and the quiet at the top. I can’t wait to go pick up more so we are sure to have it packed and ready to go when we head out to the mountains again next. Here’s to being in the great outdoors even more in 2021 and continuing to make the most out of the fact that we can’t travel afar for the next little while!


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