New Restaurant: Orchard

Chilly weather sure does roll in quick in this city and every year I’m shocked even though I have lived here my entire life. I guess the cold is still a shock to the system. Which is why it was so nice to check out the new Orchard restaurant where it feels like you’ve been whisked away to an urban jungle in the middle of our city.

Atmosphere: Beautifully designed interior which transports you to a fantasy oasis. The interior is covered with unlimited amounts of chandeliers and vines making for one of the most original dining spaces in the city.

Price Range: Mid $10s – 20+ 

Food & Drinks: We were excited to stop by lunch since the menu looked amazing! In order to try as much as we could, we shared the Express Lunch, which is a 3 course meal with defined dishes that you could select from. We also then added on additional items off their regular menu to supplement the meal.

For appetizers we ordered the Tomato Panzanella Salad which consisted of broccoli, tomatoes, shaved vegetables, grapes and topped with crostini and all tossed with a light soy sesame vinaigrette. The Beet Root Salad included endives, apple, hazelnut, segmented oranges and labneh. Both dishes were extremely fresh and flavourful. There was just enough dressing to enhance the ingredients without overtaking the dish. 

Next for mains, we had the Tuna and Shrimp Salad, which is a fancier take on a tuna salad sandwich with the addition of shrimp, fennel, pickled onions and radishes all on a grilled sourdough and served with a side of french fries. I really liked the additional kick of chili on top of the sandwich and will probably now be adding chilis to all my tuna salad sandwiches. I also couldn’t stop eating the fries which were extremely crispy, which is the epitome of how all french fries should be. We also had the Moule Frites. The server mentioned that the frites isn’t more fries, but instead it is served with a side of grilled sourdough which we were perfectly ok with. The mussels in a slightly spicy tomato broth with worked and was perfect for dipping of the bread. The mussels themselves were perfectly cooked and juicy.

The dessert was part of the Express Lunch and was the Daily Tart, which happened to be a spiced fruit tart. I loved the warmth of the spices and the perfect amount of sweetness in the tart. The only sad part was when it was all eaten. In hindsight I would order the set lunch for that tart alone! 

They have a great list of cocktails and wine to choose from. I ordered a glass of their Commanderie de Peyrassol rose which was a fruit forward crisp and acidic wine with flavours of currants and berries. My companion ordered the Jungle King made with mezcal koch, tanqueray, banana, lemon, yuzu and egg white. It was tangy and bright, a nice lighter drink for those looking for something to get their tastebuds going.

My Pick(s): Tomato Panzanella Salad, Moule Frites, Fruit Tart 

Overall: The food and drinks were delicious and to be able to enjoy them in such the amazing surrounding really elevated the whole experience. I can’t wait to come back and try their evening menu and see the glow of the chandeliers at night. I highly recommend everyone to book a reservation since they have only recently opened and are quite busy, however they’re fully booked till the new year. If you can’t wait that long, I would suggest going during the off hours or walk in and see if you could snag one of the few tables they may have. Definitely not a place to be missed especially if you’re hoping to escape for a little while during a time where travel isn’t an option. 

620 10th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-2392


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