Market Wines Open at University District!

It’s so nice to see things come together over time. In the past couple years, I’ve been watching the University District come together every time I drive by to go to the mall (which was quite frequent there for a while since I was on mat leave lol). I went to U of C so it was always intriguing to me that they were going to be building a brand new community right by there. It’s exciting to see the changes that were happening and to envision what the new area would look like.

Fast forward a couple years and things have definitely come together quickly. Once the roads were laid and the zoning all mapped, the stores started to pop up and it was amazing to hear of some of the new shops that have opened. Included is Market Wines, which is a place I frequent quite often to purchase our wines where their initial store is located near the farmer’s market, which was always a bit of a trek for us. So hearing of their new location in the university district was exciting news! 

We got to stop in to check out their new digs (a beautifully designed space!!) and also sit through an educational wine tasting with one of the owners. It was nice to not only learn more about each of the wines that were procured but also the stories behind the production of the wine, information about the wineries and the producers themselves. If you’re not familiar with Market Wines, they place an emphasis on sourcing their wines from boutique wineries mainly from the old world (France, Italy, Spain) but also from some new world wineries as well (North and South America, Australia).

It was such a treat to hear Kevin talk about how each bottle of wine came to be. Due to the situation we’re in and the fact that we can’t travel right now, I found it brought the travels to me and I could imagine being on the hillsides tasting the wine in a little winery thousands of miles away which really enhanced the overall experience. Their whole business model is about the experience, they have curated wines that have a story which allows them to transfer it over to the drinker when they purchase and enjoy the wine. 

They have grouped their wines in to various sections throughout the store. For those looking for a nice bottle to drink on the weekend or something to enjoy right away, their main floor houses a huge selection of wines under $50, beers and spirits. For those who are looking for bottles to put away for a rainy day or special occasions, their upper level houses wines that are meant to be aged a little while before they are enjoyed.

During our tasting, we got to sample a variety of wines ranging from sparkling to crisp whites to a robust red. Starting with the SVP brut sparkling wine, similar in taste to a champagne but due to the mere fact that it’s not made in the Champagne region in France makes this bottle extremely well priced. It’s a great way to ready our palates for the tasting ahead. 

First off, we had the Eric Chevalier Muscadet from the Atlantic region pulling in the cold climate flavours giving it a nice fresh, crisp and dry profile. Sipping this made me think of oysters, the perfect pairing to the mineral content and saltiness in the wine. This bottle was interesting because if the grapes were to be planted anywhere else, it would have been bold and sweet versus the softness we got from the climate in that region. 

Next up was the Jeff Carrel Vignes Perdues from the Languedoc region. A smooth, medium bodied wine made from a blend of grenache gris, maccabeu and carignan blanc giving it an interesting tropical taste profile. The wines where the grapes came from are over 100 years old and therefore is extremely unique in taste. 

Our first red and my favorite of the evening was the Daniel Bouland Morgon Corcelette. This boutique winery comprised of 60-100 year old vines producing some of the most amazing morgon wines. Medium bodied with the flavour of currants, this wine pairs nicely with various charcuterie and cheeses (try blue cheese). The handmade wines produced can be aged for 10 years and enjoyed when the flavours have had time to really develop.

Last but not lease the Jeff Carrel Maury Sec, a big robust dry red where the grapes are grown in higher altitude and windier climates giving it a graphite taste with notes of cherries and bold spice. I can definitely see myself drinking this sitting next to a warm fire while eating lamb shank cassoulet or some richer game meats. 

The wine tasting was such a fun experience and due to our social distanced protocols because of Covid, they have the capability to ensure everyone is nicely 6ft apart. You can even have them host wine tastings for private parties, which I’m definitely going to look in to a bit more. 

During these times where we can’t travel it’s nice to be able to bring some of that travel back to us. Typically, we enjoy buying wine when we’re away and opening it on a special occasion. Market Wines has helped us bridge that gap so that we’re still able to enjoy those specialty boutique wines without the travel. I’m so glad to see that they’ve opened up their new location close by and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. The only difference now is instead of waiting to see what’s going to be built in the university district; I’m waiting to see what Market Wines will be stocking so I can stock up.

Market Wines
University District Location
4109 University Ave NW
(403) 284-4516