Restaurant Review: Modern Rooftop

It’s been quite the summer so far, definitely unique in the sense that our routines have changes quite a bit but I guess that’s nothing different with everybody else right now. We’ve still tried to make the most of it by doing staycations, going to the mountains more and just enjoying being outdoors.

This is also the case when we’re trying to dine out, we try to go at times when it’s a bit more quite, aim for a seat on the patio and social distance as much as we can. This is why visiting the Modern Steak Rooftop was perfect! Not only was it a place I wanted to check out prior to covid, but it was modern oasis.

The rooftop is located at their downtown Stephen Ave location and is situated on the third floor of Modern Steak, opening up to wonderful views of the downtown skyline. It’s a great spot not just because of the location but also since it’s on the roof this limits the number of people that will be there (nobody can just walk by) and you’re still outside on a patio! I was extremely glad that we went.

Romantic and secluded rooftop patio on the top floor of the Stephen Ave Modern Steak location with views of the skyline.

Price Range: $20 - $30+

Food & Wine: Although we’re at a steakhouse, don’t be scared to try their seafood selections because they’re spectacular. There’s a reason why surf n turf became so famous and it was the theme to our night. To start we ordered the Grilled Octopus, Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell and the Modern Steak Tartare, a little bit of surf and a little bit of turf.

The Grilled Octopus has fast become one of my favorite new dishes here! It’s tender charred octopus served over a beef chorizo pepper ragu with smoked potatoes. Everything about this dish just works and hopefully is something that stays on their menu. The other favorite is the Modern Steak Beef Tartare, I like that the beef is chopped nicely and not overly minced. There’s truffle added in to the tartare (if you like truffle, this place is for you, did I mention you also get served some delicious truffle popcorn when you sit down and decide what you’re ordering?), which I enjoy quite a bit, coupled with their crispy chips on the side. Finally, you can never go wrong with fresh oysters. A little bit of their tangy house made mignonette and a dash of tabasco...perfection.

For mains we had the Benchmark Angus Ribeye and the Wildrose Filet with Truffle Parmesan Fries and Brussels sprouts in a maple dijon dressing with double smoked bacon. To keep to the surf n turf theme, we also ordered a side of seared scallops to top things off. Our steaks were cooked exactly as requested. I am a huge fan of filets which is extremely tender and this wildrose version hit the spot. I also enjoyed the ribeye which is a bit fattier and has more flavour due to that. The sides were amazing as well, the fries are always my go to when I'm at Modern Steak. They’re always extremely crispy and full of truffle goodness. The brussels sprouts were tangy and salty, overall a great flavour combo. We can’t forget the perfect sear on those scallops either, I’m glad we decided to add them to the order!

Modern Steak has recently gotten in some off menu rose wines, so be sure to ask when you arrive to see if there are any still available. We were lucky enough to get a bottle of the Gerard Bertrand Joy’s from France. It was nice and crisp, not overly sweet and left hints of watermelon on the palette. It was the perfect wine for a nice hot summer patio day!

My Pick(s): Grilled Octopus, Wildrose Filet, Truffle Parmesan Fries

Overall: Be sure to indicate that you want to be seated on the rooftop when you’re making reservations. If you’re making online resos, double check that it’s for Modern Rooftop and not Modern Steak (the restaurant itself) or else you might not end up where you thought you would be. I enjoyed that it was an enclosed patio so it was more intimate and also shielded me a bit from the windy weather we were experiencing that day. The food is great, the view is fabulous and if you enjoy truffle, this is your spot!

Modern Rooftop
100 8 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 244-3600