Savoury and Sweet at Manuel Latruwe

Growing up I never had much of a sweet tooth. If you asked me about whether I preferred candy or chips, I would almost always go for the latter. Ever since I met my husband however, his sweet tooth seems to have slowly transferred over to me. Now we don’t usually have a meal without something sweet at the end. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing since now we balance each other out.

My husband never feels satisfied unless we start with something savoury so he ordered a Croque Madame and I had the Focaccia Baguette. I like that we can enjoy brunch dishes without having to fuss with the brunch crowds. His croque madame, which is made with toast, ham, a ton of melted gooey cheese and topped with a runny poached egg, was amazing melt in your mouth delicious. My baguette had slices of prosciutto, olives, roasted red peppers and bocconcini cheese served in their house made bread. I was surprised it wasn’t on a focaccia bun, but I guess that was just the name of the sandwich. I liked the taste combination but did the find the filling a bit sparse. However that is how it’s normally served in Europe where the bread is truly the star.

There are actually several different types of waffles and the ones we’re used to eating is the American waffle, where the texture is similar to a pancake. Over in Belgium, the two most popular forms are the Brussels or Liege waffles made from yeast leavened batter. The waffles served at Manuel Latruwe are Brussels waffles. Made with a lighter batter compared to the liege version, they exhibit a larger rectangular form with deep square pockets, a crispy outer layer and are quite thin overall. I could easily eat 3 or 4 of these waffles because of how light they taste. They were perfect with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, or in my case, some sweetened strawberries with a side of whipped cream.

Although we’re normally there for the waffles, we never leave without ordering additional goodies. You can’t go wrong with a Croissant or a Pain au Chocolat here. If you’re not shocked by how big they are, you can immediately see the layers upon layers of crispy pastry even before you take a bite. I am amazed at how crisp the outer layer of the pastry is without losing the chewiness on the inside. One of my all time favourites is the Hazelnut Twist. Just think crispy pastry layers with a delicious nutty filling throughout. I really like that it was nicely balanced and not overly sweet. I enjoy lighter desserts and found that this was perfect for me.

For those looking for something to take home, you won’t be able to miss all the amazing European styled cakes they have on display. If you call ahead you can also order specific flavours and sizes. They also offer many varieties of freshly baked bread ranging from sourdough to festive selections such as Easter or Christmas bread. I really enjoy that there are both savoury and sweet items at Manuel Latruwe for those that like a bit of both. There’s nothing better on the weekends (or even weekdays if you have the time) to visit and try some of their offerings. Since majority of the patrons are there to pick up items to go, there are plenty of tables available. Although now that I’ve let the secret out, I hope that remains the case.

Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie & Bread Shop
1333 1 Street SE
Calgary, AB

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