Restaurant Review: GreekTown Kitchen & Wine Bar

One of my good friends recently returned from her trip to Greece and I couldn’t wait to meet up with her to discuss all of her wonderful experiences there. It really brought back memories of our trip a couple years back where we were lucky enough to visit the amazing country. I’ve always enjoyed Greek cuisine, but being able to savor the true tastes of the food in its native land was something special. When I close my eyes I can still taste the tender roasted lamb, the flavourful gyros, flaky sweet baklavas and the freshest most amazing fish stew, Kakavia. Luckily for me, as I was wandering down 4th street one day I noticed this quaint new restaurant that just happened to be called Greektown and I was there not long after that.

Atmosphere: Bright and open dining room with the iconic blue and white colors of Greece transporting the diner not only in cuisine but also in scenery. There’s also a great little patio which allows the guests to enjoy the ongoings of everything 4th street in Mission.

Price Range: Mid $10s - $20+

Food & Wine: One of my favorite things to eat is pita and dip, hence it’s usually found on my dinner table when eating at restaurants that offer it on their menu. This time was no different, the only hard part was deciding which one to order, but lucky for us there was a 4 Dip Platter that allowed us to sample a bit of each. The Tzatziki was my favorite made with fat free greek yogurt, cucumbers and lots of garlicky goodness. There’s just something definitive about tzatziki and pita, but of course I couldn’t ignore the Hummus either, which is equally as classic. Featuring garlic, chickpeas and feta cheese, it’s the quintessential Greek spin on the hummus that everybody loves so much. The other two lesser known but delicious dips include the Taramosalata, a lemon and carp roe caviar blend, and the Tyroafteri with roasted red pepper dip made with feta and yogurt. My reasoning behind why I enjoy dips so much is because it makes dinner an interactive affair. Sharing and sampling, everybody enjoying the different flavour combinations always tends to add more to the conversation around the table.

The Zucchini Chips that we ordered were also a good compliment to the dip platter. The chips themselves reminded me of Japanese tempura, with the extremely light batter just covering each slice of zucchini. It comes with a side of tzatziki and was a perfect complement to the chips, but we couldn’t help trying them with the different dips as well.

Our last starter was the Chicken Chops, which is half an Alberta free run chicken, roasted and grilled with a traditional housemade marinade. The portion size was much bigger than what I had envisioned. It can even double as an entrée for some who are looking for something a bit lighter for dinner. The chicken itself was flavourful and I liked the hint of tangy lemon which really came through bite after bite. Served with a side of arugula, it helped cleanse the palate after every bite, plus the peppery aurugla added a nice punch to the dish.

We ordered the Hoirines Brizoles aka Pork Chops as our entrée. Thick cut, locally raised Alberta pork chops in a lemon, olive oil and oregano marinade similar to the one used with the chicken. Served with fresh roasted seasonal vegetables and a choice of greek salad, ceasar salad, lemon potatoes, saffron rice pilaf or fries. The entrée was perfect for the two of us due to its generous portion size. The pork itself was tender but the sear was a bit over what I’d prefer since I enjoy my pork with a bit of pink. I appreciated that they left a bit of fat around the chop which imparted extra flavor. There was the option to order lots of greens on the plate or not if you’re not a huge fan of vegetables.

After perusing the dessert menu, we had to order the Baklava and Gelato. Described as layers of filo pastry filled with chopped walnuts and sweetened with cinnamon and honey syrup is the perfect description for those who have never had a baklava. It sounds simple but the combination of crispy filo, crunchy walnuts and the sticky sweet honey perfectly caps off the evening. The side of vanilla gelato and chocolate syrup is the proverbial icing on the cake.

My Picks: 4 Dip Platter, Zucchini Chips

Overall: The dishes were all simple yet flavourful, similar to the food found in Greece. I really appreciated the hefty portion sizes as well as the service which truly captured the essence of the Greek people. I’m looking forward to my next dinner there and hoping to discover more amazing dishes to savour.

GreekTown Kitchen & Wine Bar
2005 4 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 460-0911

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  1. Food looks really amazing! You know chicken chops are my favourite. I always order a full plate of chicken chops in Boston restaurants when we go for lunch or dinner. Along with that my order includes beef burger with fries.

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