Restaurant Review: Avenue Deli

Now that the Big Taste event in Calgary is over, aside from me needing to hit the gym a bit more. I was glad to be able to enjoy myself at the many different establishments that were part of the Calgary dining event. Aside from the higher end restaurants that are often spotlighted during these events, I was really glad to see smaller diners and delis involved this year as well. So naturally I had to make it to at least one of them, which I did and wasn’t disappointed at Avenue Deli.

Atmosphere: Small intimate diner, with a select number of tables to serve the many hungering to get some Montreal smoked meat.

Price Range: Mid $10s

Food: Normally at deli’s I tend to stick to my Bagel and Lox, which is offered at Avenue Deli, but seeing that it was the Big Taste, I really wanted to try something more unique. The menu included a starter of their daily featured soups, a choice of sandwich or hot dog along with a milkshake (eight different flavours available) or an espresso based drink.

It took me a while to decide since there were so many available combinations! But since the line was moving faster than me that afternoon, I made some impromptu decisions, which I don’t regret what so ever!

I started with what they called the White Velvet Soup, which was cream based with bits of bacon and topped with truffle oil. It was earthy and savoury, which is always a great way to start a meal. The other two soups available that day was a Corn Chowder and also a Chili. Needless to say it was hard to choose, but I was happy with my choice.

For the main part of my meal, I opted to go with the Euro Dog. An all beef hot dog served with spinach, tomato, and boccocini cheese infused with balsamic vinegar. Eating this hot dog actually felt somewhat healthy. The hot dog was flavorful and was quite filling.

As for my drink, I had to get an Americano. Although my dining companions all got milkshakes (choice of eight housemade shakes), it was still a bit early for me, plus I wanted to save myself for a refreshing Root Beer! The hubby decided not to go with the dining week menu because he got side tracked by the word “Reuben”, which are his favorite and he orders it every chance he gets. The bread was nice and thick, a bit toasted and crunchy with lots of juicy smoked meat, sauerkraut and grainy mustard, oh and gooey cheese. I enjoyed my bite! The hubby enjoyed it so much he bought a pound of the smoked meat to go!

My Pick: Euro Dog (or any All Beef Hot Dog), Smoked Meat!

Overall: Sad that Calgary’s dining week is over, but excited to have found another great deli in Calgary. Will definitely have to drop by again and maybe this time I just might get that Bagel and Lox!

Avenue Deli3 – 2008, 33 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-6783

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